Letter: As others see us

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Sir: The British are all too obviously the most ill-informed about European matters in the whole of the EU. And the recent election literature produced by the parties seemed in general to be designed to ensure that voters remained ignorant.

Go along to a "Britain in Europe" information point and you will soon find that many people are grateful to discover some factual information about the euro and the EU which has been kept from them for years by both this government and, in particular, its predecessor. And, of course, much of the press is in the hands of people with a Little England outlook who are determined to suppress any positive information on EU matters.

Suggest that the Government should be more forthcoming and there are howls of protest from the sceptics that taxpayers' money is being spent on disseminating propaganda or would be wasted ahead of any referendum. There is no real alternative to those who believe in the wider European vision standing up and keeping on saying so.


Vice-Chair, NE Hants branch, European Movement

Fleet, Hampshire