Letter: Balkan dilemma

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Sir: I have campaigned against Milosevic's actions for at least as long as Ken Livingstone ("Why we are not wrong to compare Milosevik to Hitler", 21 April), in Belgrade as well as London, but I am gravely worried that the only policy to emerge so far from the total failure of Nato's actions is the further escalation of bombing.

The only choice for the future being presented is not just more of the same but invasion. The Kosovan Albanians have suffered for more than a decade without significant protests from Western nations. They are now part of a catastrophe to which Nato has contributed. Macedonia and Montenegro cannot escape the creeping spread of this mad war for more than a few days. And then what?

The Russian extremists are waiting in the wings and there is serious, if rusty, nuclear fire-power lying around.


London N4