Letter: Balkan problems

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Sir: I am surprised how many of your readers, writing to you about the problems in the former Yugoslavia, do not know the true facts. (Or are they deliberately trying to mislead?)

The latest example is Mr Gleave who says that the Croats "began the entire Balkan conflict" in 1990. This is simply not true as Milosevic, trying to create a Greater Serbia, attacked Croatia using the troops of the Yugoslav Army and instigated the Serb rebellion in that country.

Many times I have seen some of your readers mention only the deplorable Ustashe regime during the Second World War.

But they conveniently forget that many Croats detested the Ustashe and fascism, and organised a resistance movement which was the largest in Europe at that time.

By the way, about 250,000 Croats were members of the resistance, including the current president, Franjo Tudjman.


London W8