Letter: Battles over Kosovo

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Sir: Kevin Ovenden (letters, 21 April) says Croats as well as Serbs have committed crimes.

True: but not the point at issue. In Serbia crime is the very basis of state policy. Arson, rape and murder have been organised and systematically practised on a mass scale year after year against one "enemy" after another: Bosnians, Croats, now Kosovars.

When counter-crimes are committed by others Belgrade's propaganda machine duly records them so that those who serve it can cite them as evidence that "the Serbs" are unfairly singled out. And so the infernal game goes on, year after dreadful year.

Not just Kosovars, Bosnians and Croats but the whole civilised world has now seen through this game. With all due respect to Mr Ovenden, the game is up.