Letter: Beware the euro

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Sir: You seem to be taking the information for your articles on the launch of the euro straight from the EU Commission's (dis)information newsletters (Countdown to the euro, 29 December).

You assert that governments have actually created public opinion against the euro. In the richer countries, it is not necessary to create anti- euro feelings. There can hardly be a more pro-European government than that of Germany. The German public was exposed to a deluge of pro-European propaganda; there is no credible political opposition to the euro in Germany. Yet, the public remained for a significant part anti-euro. The public (not only in Germany!) trust the Deutschmark and don't see why it should be taken away.

Your article about the euro and France focuses on the euro-education of the young. Yet, whilst French public opinion is just about in favour of the single currency, the majority of the young (aged 16-25) actually oppose the abolition of the franc.

That those countries with weak currencies are in favour of the euro and those with stable currencies (such as Britain and Germany) are against. The true function of the euro appears to be that of development aid for the poorer EU member states.