Letter: Britain hits back?

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Sir: Given Tony Blair's unequivocal support for the American retaliation against "terrorist" bases in Sudan and Afghanistan it is likely that a British embassy or overseas facility will be attacked causing loss of life. It is probable that the group responsible will be identified by intelligence reports as being based in an Islamic country.

How will HM Government respond, given our wholehearted approval of American actions?

We have the capability to carry out retaliatory strikes as the Americans did and that would be a logical expression of the policy stance adopted by Blair. Otherwise we would look ridiculous, praising actions which we were not prepared to carry out ourselves, revealing the UK as a "paper tiger".

The most likely outcome is that, even giving the most compelling evidence, the Government will deny that it can identify with enough certainty those responsible and that Robin Cook will fudge and fulminate along the lines of "If we only knew who these cowards were we would teach them a lesson they would never forget."

It will fool no one and further lower our standing in the world - if that is possible.


Bromyard, Herefordshire