Letter: Busting sanctions

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Busting sanctions

Sir: Robert Fisk rightly highlights the responsibility of British citizens for the suffering of children in Iraq under UN sanctions ("Iraqi cancer children receive aid from Independent readers", 12 October).

Voices in the Wilderness UK breaks the sanctions by openly and publicly hand-delivering medical supplies to Iraqi children's hospitals without applying for export licences. We refuse to co-operate with a system which is killing thousands of children every month.

We recognise that, however welcome, the medicines we take - like those purchased through The Independent's Iraq appeal - are just a drop in the ocean. Only when the sanctions are lifted will Iraq be able to raise sufficient revenues to rebuild its devastated health and sanitation infrastructure. Our actions are designed to provide a measure of relief while challenging the sanctions regime in as direct a way as possible.

Despite the risk of prosecution (the maximum penalty is five years' imprisonment) volunteers continue to come forward to help break the sanctions.


Voices in the Wilderness UK

1 Hertford Road,

London N2 9BX