Letter: Cleaning up the EU

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Sir: The expulsion of two former MPs from the Conservative Party for having criticised its anti-European policies ("Two Tory dissidents expelled from party", 24 August) is instructive in two respects.

First, the decision was one taken centrally, not locally. Today's Conservative Party is more centralised than it has ever been.

Second, the expulsion of pro-Europeans is in stark contrast with the treatment of former Referendum Party supporters. That party's former members have been flooding back into the Conservative Party since 1997, with no objection from Central Office. William Hague personally endorsed the return of Sir George Gardiner, who stood against an official Conservative candidate in the general election of 1997.

Those who believe that they can change the Conservative Party's Eurosceptic course by remaining within it are, sadly, deceiving themselves.


Pro Euro Conservative Party

London SW1