Letter: Courage in Burma

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Sir: I am involved with a Burma human rights campaign, working with refugees on the Thai/Burma border. Whilst I support the work that Rachel Goldwyn is doing to raise awareness of the appalling abuses that are taking place in Burma, I am not politically active in the same manner as Rachel.

Having met Rachel personally, I believe the media coverage of her arrest is not fulfilling the objectives of her political demonstration. Since the arrest of Rachel Goldwyn and James Mawdsley, I feel that the focus of the media coverage has been on their plight only and not on the plight of the thousands of displaced and oppressed people living inside the country as was originally intended.

It is my strong opinion that in order for something positive to come from Rachel's and James's arrest and sentences, the media should seize this opportunity to inform the general public of the situation in Burma. It is through positive coverage in this manner that we will successfully achieve the goal set by Rachel and James.


Pinner, Middlesex