Letter: Cruel deer-hunt

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Cruel deer-hunt

Sir: I am now well into my eighties, but many years ago I hunted deer two or three times a week. I gave it up while still in my twenties, appalled by the cruelties I witnessed.

D J B Denny (letter, 9 October) claims hunted deer, "are the old, infirm, injured or slow". But none of these would provide " a good day's run" lasting four or more hours. And he fails to mention pregnant hinds, hunted from the beginning of November until the end of February, frequently with a last season's calf at heel. And then come the spring staghunts when young, healthy stags are hunted from the beginning of March until the the end of April.

I agree that deer do have to be culled. That management should be undertaken by skilled marksmen. Stalkers for management are every bit as selective as any hunt might profess to be.


Minehead, Somerset