Letter: Democratic islands

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Sir: I have read your report on the recent British Virgin Islands elections (Pandora, 21 May) with interest and I am pleased that our election results have been reported in the UK. Unfortunately, Pandora has been misinformed about our electoral system.

In the BVI, the electorate presently stands at 9,523; each voter has one vote in his/her constituency and four votes in a separate Territory- wide vote for four "at large" candidates. The total vote for the successful Virgin Islands Party, which won seven of the 13 seats in the election on 17 May, was 11,439, of which 8,790 were cast in the territorial vote. The newly established National Democratic Party won five seats with 11,170 votes, which included 9,126 in the territorial ballot. The Concerned Citizens Movement won the remaining seat.

The inference to be drawn from your article is that there was something amiss with the democratic process in the BVI. I can assure your readership that the elections were free, fair and conducted in an efficient manner.



Road Town,Tortola, British Virgin Islands