Letter: Embassy bombing

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Sir: Thank you for the articles by Robert Fisk ("Riddle of man behind Israeli embassy bomb", "The bomber who never was", 26 November), pointing out the many riddles about who was behind the bomb in the Israeli embassy in London in 1994.

The fact that the Israeli embassy security video cameras were apparently not working on the day of the explosion is strange.

The well-publicised revelations by the former MI5 employee David Shayler included one stating that MI5 was in receipt of enough information about the embassy bombings to have prevented them. Now, however, the Crown Prosecution Service is applying for Public Interest Immunity hearings which will withhold this information from Samar Alami and Jawad Botmi, the two convicted of conspiring to cause explosions and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, and also from their lawyers.

Justice demands that all this information should be released without further delay. If the British Government and judicial system refuse this, Ms Alami and Mr Botmi, who have always protested their innocence, are being deprived of potentially crucial grounds for their appeal.