Letter: EU voting muddle

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Sir: I was sent a form asking if I wished to vote in all future EU elections and local elections (letter, 1 May). I replied yes and have been sent my voting card. All very simple except the word "future" worried me.

The Electoral Registration Office of the UK constituency in which I am registered as an overseas elector was unable to tell me if I was allowed to register in two countries, but agreed the situation might be the same as when I was a student and was able to register in two places as long as I only voted in one.

The person I spoke to said they would get back to me with a definite answer, but did not.

I intend to vote by proxy in England but as this right has a finite timespan I do not wish to rule out any future chance of voting in Spain. Does it simply come down to a matter of trust that I will only vote in one place?