Letter: Fair selection

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Sir: Reg Hansell, Kent County Councillor, (letter, 13 July) seems to have some misconceptions about selective education.

I do not understand how an all-ability education serves either the needs of the less able or the more able. More able children are held back and less able children are left behind.

Selection is going to take place at many stages in life. Sixth-form entry is selective. The offer of a place at a university is selective. Employers are selective about whom they employ.

Your correspondent suggests that we take the dogma and politics out of education and be fair to all children. I'm quite happy to be fair to all of our children. But first of all, I have to be fair to mine, and I believe, quite sincerely, that a grammar school education is in their best interests and within their abilities. And I see dogma and politics when I hear talk of all-ability schooling.


Bebington, Wirral