Letter: Farmers' support

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Sir: The article by Christopher Brocklebank Fowler "Act now to save out hedges" (26 August)could have been written by a townie anywhere in Britain.

In a year when grain prices have been the lowest since 1976, one in four pig farmers are facing bankruptcy each month and BSE has devastated the British beef and dairy industry, what next? Let's complain about modern farming methods that destroy ancient hedgerows.

These hedgerows were only created in the first place by farming methods.

My husband and I farm in the North-east of England. Over the past decade we have established four large ponds, planted 10 acres of woodland in small blocks and replanted our hedgerows.

We are not unusual in our area in doing this and can point out many farms who are committed to wildlife conservation. We do this not for profit but because we like to see deer in the woods, an abundant display of birds, and pheasant and partridge, strutting through the undergrowth.

However, keeping our current hedgerows cannot remain a financial burden on the farmers alone. it is about time the public supported them.


Darlington, Co Durham