Letter: German invasion

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Sir: The future is with multi-lingual, multi-racial and multi- cultural nation states such as China, Russia, India, North America and Europe. Our future is obviously within Europe, of which we are a part both geographically and historically; the sooner we realise this the better.

In fact in the next century we shall no doubt see similar movements developing involving South America, Africa, Malaysia and the other Malay-speaking countries, the whole of Australasia, Polynesia and Japan and nearby small states and islands.

We cannot turn aside from these inevitable historical movements, and must negotiate with our European partners in amicable terms to harmonise taxation, financial and social matters. We must not be bloody-minded about this.

We should adopt the euro as soon as possible, not confuse the issue by treating the pound as if it were sacred. The only purpose in having its so-called independence is so that we can adjust its value whenever industrial inefficiency causes our manufacturing costs to rise too high: useful in the short term only, disastrous in the long run.

Our Eurosceptics talk like a lot of country bumpkins who think that their tiny village boundaries circumscribe the world.


Hornchurch, Essex