Letter: GM food furore

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Sir: The current media-generated scare over GM foods reminds me of the grotesque hysteria stoked up after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Common sense and an intelligent consideration of the facts are thrown to the winds as newspapers and TV present a distorted picture - and then gleefully report how the more gullible members of the public have been taken in.

Millions of acres of GM crops are already being grown worldwide, yet there has not been a single reported case of any ill effects, human or other. Report after report has been prepared by reputable scientists and every one has concluded essentially in favour of GM crops and foods.

Of course proper testing and safeguards are needed. It would be better if attention was focused on the specific improvements needed, if any, to the present arrangements instead of inciting a shameful witch-hunt against the research institutes and commercial organisations spearheading this potentially immensely beneficial new technology.


Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire