Letter: IVF is pro-life

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Sir: Some of Nuala Scarisbrick's assumptions and allegations about IVF and egg-freezing cannot be left unchallenged (Right of Reply, 26 October).

Apparently the Human Fert-ilisation & Embryology Authority's attitude to new procedures is that "the technology is there, so it must be used".

If that were true would we really be refusing to allow sex selection or cloning or the use of spermatids (immature sperm) in treatment, to name but a few examples?

I challenge her to look IVF recipients in the eye and say that their precious children were not created from "love, desire, awe (and) wonder". And how dare she claim that only "pro-lifers" care about children's rights, when, if she had had her way, the 30,000 IVF children born so far would never have seen the light of day?



Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority

London E1