Letter: London bomb alert

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Sir: I understand Peter Tatchell's sentiment in questioning whether more could have been done to prevent the explosion in the Admiral Duncan bar in Soho (letter, 6 May).

The Metropolitan Police Service shares the nation's horror that this act of cowardly barbarity could have taken place with such devastating results. We send our sympathies to those trying to overcome their horrific injuries and our hearts go out to the families and friends of all victims.

If we had known what specific premises or which particular group was to be targeted we would, of course, have responded appropriately. Alas, we had no such knowledge.

Following the Brixton and Brick Lane bombs we did our very best to raise public vigilance. My officers in Westminster worked extremely hard talking to members of the public and distributing posters which warned of the dangers of unattended bags.

It was no consolation to us that one of our posters was still displayed in the Admiral Duncan bar after the explosion. All Londoners can be assured that we will always do our best to protect them.


Commander, City of Westminster

Metropolitan Police