Letter: Marking 2000

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Marking 2000

Sir: Professor Ken Pounds (letter, 14 December) was concerned that many of the Millennium Commission landmark projects would have to cut back on their original plans.

All of the 28 major capital projects, each costing more than pounds 30m, are being constructively developed towards realising their original vision. A lot of hard work remains to be done and inevitably projects on this scale will encounter problems. But we are working hard in an effort to ensure their successful completion and are confident that all these projects will be realised.

Although the Millennium Experience is obviously our biggest project, only 20 per cent of our total budget of pounds 2bn has been allocated to it. The bulk of our money has been used to support 187 capital projects. Consequently we devote due attention to these projects, ensuring that they provide lasting benefits to the public throughout the UK.



The Millennium Commission

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