Letter: Men as scapegoats

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Sir: So, premature spinsterhood afflicts women east of Berlin too, does it? ("Bridget Jones goes to Budapest", 24 November). Having Adam LeBor relay the news doesn't make the analysis any less facile. Once again, men are the problem sex, their fragile egos threatened by independent- minded women. But at least it diverts Bridget's attention from her own inadequacies.

Far from resenting high-earning women, most men are only too happy to be relieved of the breadwinner's burden. The problem is female sexuality, which remains fixated with power. To preserve differentials, Bridget demands an incremental increase from her partner. Nor has she developed the protective instinct that once drove men to share their wealth with their partners.

The best therapy for Bridget Jones is to confront her own need to change. Using men as scapegoats solves nothing.