Letter: Nato's fault, again

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Sir: The cluster bombs implicated in the murder-by-air of civilians in the Serbian city of Nis and also, apparently, the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade have made it imperative that the UN and other international bodies concerned with war crimes extend their investigation when this war is over beyond Mr Milosevic and his minions to the Chiefs of Staff at Nato and the foreign secretariats of the US, Britain and probably also Germany.

It will also be essential to include my President and at least his Secretaries of State and Defense and his National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger.

I know that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, suggested a while ago after the first widely publicised "collateral" killings of civilians in Kosovo and Serbia that it would be a good idea to investigate Nato on war crimes charges. These latest events make such an investigation inevitable.


Jersey City, New Jersey, USA