Letter: Not fare

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Sir: In reply to Mr James Gordon's letter ("A Fare Price?", 26 October), may I say that it is all very well asserting that train operators are encouraging rail travel by offering a wide variety of special fares, but none of these fares are offered to the people who should be most encouraged to use the trains - commuters?

There has been much talk this year of people getting out of their cars and on to public transport, but quite often the price of travelling before 9.30 am does not encourage this. I pay pounds 51.10 for a monthly train pass and yet the morning trains on my route are delayed, usually by approximately 20 minutes, each morning.

I do own a car, but travel by train to avoid the stress of rush-hour traffic. I am finding, however, that the stress of being late for work is forcing me to reconsider.

So much for "quality of service at attractive prices".