Letter: Of pigs and foxes

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Sir: How saddened I was to read your editorial comment against the proposals to abolish hunting with dogs ("The hypocrisy of a ban on hunting", 10 July). How out of touch; how typically pro-hunt.

Whilst you maybe right that the Government is not motivated to act by the cruelty of blood sports and is bowing to pressure from Labour back- benchers and those of us in the animal rights movement, that pressure has been brought to bear for good reason. Abolition has the support of the vast majority of people in Britain from both town and country.

In fact, the most vehement opposition has come from those in the country who have to live with blood sports all around them - people who fully recognise the barbarity of chasing animals to the point of exhaustion and then either shooting them or allowing them to be killed by the dogs.

Hunting with dogs causes a great deal of unnecessary suffering to tens of thousands of animals every year. It would be intolerable to enter the 21st century whilst such mindless violence to sentient beings was permitted by law to provide entertainment to a thoughtless minority.

Thank heavens the pressure was kept up on the Government. The day we purge this nation of this shameful so-called "sport" will be a joyous one for us.


Green Party Animal Rights Working Group

Honiton, Devon