Letter: Quake blunders

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Sir: Why did it take an earthquake for the truth about Turkey to be revealed? Turkey did not become a corrupt society the day of the earthquake; nor did its politicians become venal on that day; nor did its military become inefficient except for killing people.

Came the earthquake, and journalists vie with each other to report the truth. Previously, the British media were happy to go along with the British line that Turkey was a leading-edge democracy with high-minded politicians governing a righteous society full of honest, hard-working entrepreneurs which made the country a fit member of the European Union. Oh yes, of course there was that trouble with those Communist PKK people. Oh yes, there were a few journalists who were murdered. But what the hell, no one is perfect.

And, of course, the military could spend $4bn on arms every year. It will be interesting to see if Turkey will cancel those military purchases and devote the money to helping its people recover. And how much humanitarian aid money will find its way into the pockets of politicians?

Maybe now when some of say that Turkey is not fit for the European Union, some people will believe us.


London W1