Letter: Real sex education

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Sir: May I offer a view on the dilemma faced by Isobel Lewis, in common with many parents ("No, I'm not being old-fashioned", 13 December)?

Ms Lewis seems to suggest that sex education means providing comprehensive information about contraception. But what about the relationship established by sexual intercourse, that most intimate communication; what if Zak becomes bored by Chloe's desire for affection and security; what becomes of Chloe and her "defiant vulnerability" if she discovers that the relationship has ended as suddenly as it started?

Surely these are the real issues of sex education, and if they are of no concern to either Zak or Chloe, is this not an alarming state of affairs? Sixteen-year-olds may talk big, but they still look, however secretively, to adults for direction. They seek the bread of wisdom, and we give them a condom!