Letter: Software option

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Sir: Andrew Warren's letter (21 December) is composed around a few standard claims from Microsoft that are usually collectively called FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

Mission-critical applications are today running on open source software. It is not something that will or won't happen in the future. Open source software is based on standards, unlike Windows, which always tries to change the standards to conform to their products instead of the other way around.

Windows does not integrate well with existing products. Unix, however, in all its forms, is readily able to serve files and programs to Windows and to read Windows file systems. And it does so by the open source system called Samba.

"Wider acceptance" has so far meant to me that I have been forced to use Windows software. I do so when I am paid for it. At home I use software that is based on standards, integrates well with my existing applications, supports all family members and never crashes. I have the Usenet for support; what it gives me is far, far superior to any phone support from any commercial supplier.