Letter: Sporting hits and near misses

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IN TELLING us how Lennox Lewis lost his heavyweight crown ('How and why: Lennox Lewis lost his heavyweight crown', Sport, 2 October), you remark that 'with the possible exceptions of free-fall parachuting and rock-climbing, there is no sport other than boxing where the margin of error is so minute'.

I beg to disagree. What about motor racing, when a slight error of judgement can result in someone's death? A batsman only has to make one lapse and he could be out. This compares with a bowler who can be hit for six one ball, and take a wicket the next, pleased to get the second chance maybe denied to his opponent.

Remember that even in boxing it isn't just a case of you making a mistake - someone has to take advantage of it.

Tim Mickleburgh

Grimsby, Lincolnshire