Letter: The neglected arts

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Sir: I read with some disappointment D J Taylor's assertion that "no UK television channel, with the possible exception of BBC2, has the slightest interest in the arts".

From his comments, Mr Taylor seems to be marooned in the cultural desert of terrestrial TV. If he were to turn his attention to the multi-channel universe, he would find the fertile ground of Performance - the Arts Channel where the arts are flourishing.

We broadcast classical music, opera, ballet, contemporary dance, drama and jazz to cable TV viewers every day of the week (and our plans to go digital are well advanced). On any given night, Mr Taylor could be entertained by Placido Domingo, Darcey Bussell, the Royal National Theatre, Tony Bennett and a host of other stars.

Channels like ours are set to expand in the digital era that is television's future. If they ignore that, arts lovers like Mr Taylor will spend an unsatisfying Christmas with the Ghost of TV's Past.


General Manager


London W1