Letter: Third Way to hell

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Sir: In the bad old days we had a choice: capitalism, which promised freedom but injustice; or socialism, which offered justice but (we were told) no freedom.

Then came Tony Blair's "Third Way", which seemed to marry the best of both - a market economy's freedom of choice, with socially just laws that would prevent the wealthy and powerful trampling on the rest of us. It seemed like a marriage made in heaven.

However, when it comes to genetically modified crops, we seem to be getting the worst of both worlds. Despite the fact that most of us have exercised our freedom of choice in the marketplace by boycotting GM foods (so much so that most supermarkets are now phasing them out), the Government seems determined to use its huge parliamentary majority to force GM crops on us, by establishing a legislative framework favourable to the multinationals which produce them.

As a Labour Party member, I am starting to worry that Mr Blair's Third Way is a marriage made in hell.


Department of History and Philosophy of Science

University of Cambridge