Letter: Tory future at risk

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Sir: I know that New Labour have adopted most of the policies and most of the attitudes of the old Tory party, including the ability to win, but why, oh why, are the "new" Tory party adopting the attitudes of old Labour, including the wish to self-destruct?

Labour was the party which was always hidebound by dogma, most of it irrelevant to the current situation: the Tory party was the party of pragmatism, adapting its policies to deal with the current circumstances; that is why I have always supported it. I fear that I can no longer support a party which places dogma so high on its agenda.

Consider the present situation, Labour with a vastly greater majority than in 1945, led by a popular leader, pursuing popular policies - what chance have the Tories of getting back next time? So why are they concerning themselves with their dogmatic attitude to EMU when, by the time that they get back in (if they ever do), EMU will be a fait accompli and their policy will be irrelevant?

And what are they doing adopting a policy which says, in effect, "Never mind whether EMU proves to be an enormous success, we are going to have nothing to do with it," and then suggesting that any candidate who does not subscribe to their stupid dogma should be de-selected? I despair.


London SW1