Letter: Trial in Turkey

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Sir: It is said that two of the most dangerous professions to practise in Turkey are those of journalist and lawyer, and Julie Flint's report clearly highlights the latter case.

Miss Flint says that harassment of Kurds in the recent general and municipal elections is "ignored by Turkey's Nato allies as Ankara contributed a squadron of F-16s to the war in Kosovo". How right she is.

The West totally ignores everything Turkey does as its military importance completely overrides all else. Remember that American bombers attacking Iraq are based in Turkey.

We are told that part of the reason that America bombs Iraq is to stop it persecuting and killing its own Kurdish population. Turkey is also persecuting and killing its own Kurdish people. What are America and the West doing about it?

I believe Amnesty International and other human rights organisations have an impossible task for the simple reason that the West with its double standards will do nothing to influence Turkey on anything it may wish to do. Is it not Nato's declared intention in Kosovo to stop President Milosevic supposedly doing what Turkey has been doing for years?


London W1