Letter: Winslet's wedding

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Sir: I cannot comment on the other instances mentioned in Emma Cook's sneering article "How lo-fi can you go?" (25 November) but I can speak with some authority about Kate Winslet's wedding. It was as near a normal wedding as someone in Kate's position was going to be allowed and it was thoroughly genuine. I try to ensure that each couple marrying in my church do so in the style most appropriate to them, and I am quite clear that we achieved that aim in Jim and Kate's case. If they had wanted opera singers, string quartets, costumes and stage sets we could have accommodated them, and it would have been splendid, but it would not have reflected the people that they are.

I realise that you cannot libel a building, but to describe All Saints, Downshire Square, as a "quaint little local church" is almost actionable: it is a sumptuous Victorian Gothic basilica which seats five hundred, as a moment's research would have told Ms Cook. West Reading may not be Knightsbridge, but it is possible to have style outside the capital.


Vicar, All Saints, Downshire Square

Reading, Berkshire