Letter: Women's choice

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Sir: I was intrigued by the observation of 15-year-old Caroline Abomeli upon entering the field of journalism to find no women editors ("The next generation will be feminists in all but name", 6 February).

As a newspaper editor, I have often wondered why we have few women editors. It is easy to write it off as an old fraternity of white men holding fast to power. The truth is much more hidden.

I have known at least three powerful women writers who could have ascended to a key editing position. Each opted out of the newspaper hierarchy. Two returned as part-time writers, and the third has become a part-time university professor. All stepped off the newsroom career track for the mommy track. Each is married to a professional.

None of my fellow males had this option; thus, we did not consider it.

It is an interesting dilemma for those who can afford it. I wish I had the same option.

It is not necessarily a bad thing when there are no women managers in a chosen field. They have chosen a better life for themselves and their families. And it is not a choice most men have the opportunity to weigh.


Bremen, Indiana, USA