Letter: World's favourite?

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Sir: May I make a suggestion to Robert Ayling, chief executive of the tragically under-performing British Airways? Why doesn't he go "undercover" and try flying the world's once favourite airline as an ordinary economy passenger (preferably with a couple of children in tow) on a long-haul flight. Perhaps to Australia?

Let him fight the huge queues at BA economy check-in, only to sit hunched up and tightly wedged in the middle of a row of four in the rear section of a 747. Let him make a vain attempt to sleep virtually upright, or watch the film on the distant screen to alleviate the discomfort and boredom, while all the time his crew call bell goes unanswered.

Then may I suggest he takes a similar economy flight on (preferably) Singapore Airlines. Then, maybe, he'll begin to "get it".

Remember, Mr Ayling, that some of the "BA World Travellers" (aka economy- class passengers,) that you so carelessly alienate now may be your business- and first-class passengers of the future.

As a frequent flyer, I have tried writing to Mr Ayling at BA about my own consistently disappointing experiences, but in vain. Unlike my mother, who received a most gracious and constructive reply to a letter she once wrote to Lord King. Does this mean that the current CEO is just too busy? Or is it that his office is so inundated with complaints that he has become desensitised?


Rudgwick, West Sussex