Letters: Girls' school success

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Sir: What a wonderful article that was - "Part-time jobs `harm exam results' " (9 August). Especially as conclusions can be drawn easily as follows and money can be saved.

1. Boys should not work: even unpaid chores such as mowing the lawn or (dare I mention it?) washing up are detrimental to their education, and boys take this very seriously.

2. Girls do not suffer much from doing chores or paid work: let them do it and allow boys to concentrate on the essentials, whatever they are. After all, girls are predisposed to doing chores; education is a luxury.

3. Large classes are good - except in the USA: let's have lecture-type classes and get rid of all those expensive and unnecessary teachers who, in small classes, find time for TLC as well as teaching their subject. Who needs them when results and "scientific evidence" are all that count? How much money can be saved?

And surely I shall teach the German dative much more efficiently lecturing to a class of about 100 students.