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The Rise and Rise of Robbie

Currently at the top of his career, having collected three Brit Awards last month, Robbie Williams completed his UK tour this week

A blueprint for a pop star

You couldn't make it up

From prefab into rehab

In a minute.

Out, seemingly in seconds

And back into the fray

The Growing Up In Public sketch

Not in it

Despite the rabid headlines

The boy-band albatross

And ligging with Oasis

All the rest

Comparisons with sportsmen...

He came out in the wash

As not exactly Gazza

More George Best

Adonis with a beer-gut

You know he's at the top

When women are discussing him

On trains

And "Robbie Williams Poster"

For ailing magazines

Becomes the only option

Which remains

The one that really did it

The single biggest shock

Was when the critics found

That he could sing

"Pop Artist Found With Talent"

No journalistic nous

Can ever brace you for

That kind of thing

From space cadet at Glasto

Through jousting with Tom Jones

To platinum-selling songs

Penned on a bus

The odds were stacked against it

He's twenty-five years old

So is he not a pop star then?