Lyric Sheets

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Recent research into the way the brain works has uncovered the fact that musicians' brains work differently from other people's, especially in the way in which they perceive and react to music

There's axolotls swimming round

and undiscovered jungle ruins

Of temples there.

He's quite aware.

But ask him and he can't explain.

The wiring's strange.

Musician's brain.

And number-crunching going on

Sophisticated stuff at that.

But if you ask him what he thinks.

He indicates towards the drinks.

His wagon train is winding through

some bison-crowded avenue

For all you know

Approach him though

And what you'll get can be mundane

Or slightly odd

Musician's brain.

The filing system in that attic

Isn't one that's used elsewhere

A touch of vagueness in the eyes

Is all that you may recognise.

But somewhere in that rambling house

a light comes on from time to time

A muffled sound

Of pacing round

And something gnawing at its chain

Best not go near

Musician's brain.

His crotchets incubate like ants

Until it's time to leave the nest.

Or gather like migrating birds

And wait on wires to ambush words

It's quiet downstairs but up above

Some lunatics are making love

Beside a fire

Best not enquire

As once you spark it up again

It won't turn off.

Musician's brain.