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Lines written upon leaving

a lig

I heard the tunes

I met the band

I networked with

And shook the hand

Of every hoary roadie who

Had soldered on a plug or two

I drank the booze

I ate the grub

I snuck off to a nearby pub

Trying to find

A loo of sorts

Not being used for nasal sports

Partner hanging on my arm

Someone else's

But no harm

Said, 'The barmen must be keen

One just sniffed that mirror clean'

Got the freebies, saw the vid

Asked a woman what she did

'When?' she countered, 'Later on?'

'No, before the band comes on'

Normally I drive the van

But I lig therefore I scam

And the band?

Forget the name

All these grungers sound the same

Got so bored I thought I'd die

. . . Home honey, I'm high