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In the week DJ Chris Evans left Radio 1

The Drivel Rides Out

Into a rusty sunset

Out of a four-day week

The last of the peak-time cowboys

Rode in a fit of pique

Over the Ratings Mountains

Down to the Double Bluff

Where seven grand a morning

Was simply not enough

The townsfolk saw the dust-cloud

And watched without a word

The silence broke as someone spoke:

That was Ginger Biz-kit

Or Don't Forget Your Comb

He shat on Auntie's doorstep

The guvnor's sent him home.

He's riding into Freelance

Across the interchange

To practice on the prairies

Beyond the Edmonds Range

The type of schoolroom antics

Which please the thick thirteens

Like plastic frogs please goldfish

Till darkness intervenes