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Jimmy Nail has a new record out.

Series two of `Crocodile Shoes' begins

soon, and everyone's favourite Geordie

blurk is also in Alan Parker's `Evita'...

The Brurken Nail

Aal the way from Tyneside

In tough-guy actin' parts

Jimmy Nail has brurken

He's brurken in the charts

A trail of brurken nerzes

Which led him to the Arts

`Evita' with Madonna

A series on TV

The lass said, "Hey Big Spenda,

come spend some Tyne on me."

"Not me pet," Jimmy turld her.

"Ah'm gannin' yem fa tea."

Looked at from a distance

He seems a moody blurk

Who foond a bigger rivah

Providin' aal the work

His singing voice confirmed it

It never really brurk