Lyric sheets / A Jackson reunion is mooted for next year...

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A Town Called Gary

The Jacksons are from Gary

The town in Indiana

A fact which can excite me like

A Co-Op yearly planner.

I can't believe two people

Could meet and court and marry

Then raise a herd of superstars

From anywhere called Gary.

But none the less they did it

And after some duration

The herd sprang out upon the world

Intent on domination.

Enormously successful

The Jacksons gave up touring

But Michael and his sisters' fame

Was rather more enduring.

He owns the Beatles songbook

He sues the odd reporter

He's fond of kids, he keeps a zoo

He married Presley's daughter.

And soon there's some reunion

For all who can afford 'em

But far from being excited

I am paralysed with boredom.