Lyric Sheets; All the Old Dudes

The glam rock film `Velvet Goldmine' is released today. With a glam revival imminent, one who was there the first time around urges caution
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Before we reach Glam Rock Part 2

A load of stuff you never knew.

Like walking into dodgy pubs

And having someone say:

"Oi Doris! Where's yer 'andbag?

Wotduzzeefinkeelookslike, ay?"

You made a rapid exit then

Before last bells. (At half-past ten)

The girls all smelled of civet oil

Or Kiku and had wet-look lips

Young Englishmen with bovine hips

In pre-patched denim dungarees

From Kensington, put lipstick on

And wondered why they couldn't score

Despite the Watney's Party Four

And glamour sparkle round their eyes

Their feather-cut by Pountney's

In Swinging Styles For Trendy Guys

Triple buttton high-waist flares

As advertised in music mags

Bought from John "the tailor"

Chatting as he sold his wares:

"Yus, all yer pop boys come to me

We've 'ad that Woody Woodmansey

Plays the drums for that weird bird

Woofter and on drugs I've 'eard."

Great pouting yobs in scoop-neck tops

Lovely with their draw-string sleeves

But loyal Tuborg Lager men.

(E meant Worthington back then)

Stick-on stars, mascara run

Abandoned then, and worn to bed

The nail varnish painted on

While listening to Silverhead

I hope you new young dudes have fun

I won't be joining in this one.