Milia awards

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Two British companies, Digital Image Design and Scoot, picked up two of the three major gongs at Milia. Douglas Adams headed up the Grand Jury for multimedia and infotainment, while Peter Molyneux, designer of games such as Populous and Theme Park, headed up the Game Grand Jury.

Milia d'Or awards were presented to the following companies:

GAMES: Grand Prize and Simulation Games award: F22 Air Dominance Fighter, Ocean Software/Digital Image Design (UK).

Action Games: G Police, Psygnosis (UK).

Adventure and Role Playing: Final Fantasy VII, Square Co Ltd/Squaresoft/Sony Computer Entertainment (Europe/Japan).

Strategy Games: Dungeon Keeper, Electronic Arts/Bullfrog (USA/UK). Sports Games: NHL, Electronic Arts (USA/Canada).

On-Line Games: Quake II, Activision/Id Software (USA/UK).

ONLINE: Grand Prize for Best Online Site and Online Reference Award: Scoot, Scoot UK Ltd/Wolff Ollins (UK).

Online Children's: MEGA-TFO - Perdus dans les etoiles, TFO - TVOntario (Canada). Online Art Culture and Society: Amnesty International Refugee Campaign, Bates Interactive (UK).

Online Lifestyle and Hobbies: MultiMania Production/Grolier Interactive (France). Online Business and Training: NEWS.COM, The Computer Network (USA).

MULTIMEDIA: Grand Prize for the Best Multimedia Title: Decouvertes, Havas Interactive/IBM/World Book/Bertelsmann (France/UK/Germany). Children's Title: Orly's Draw-A-Story, Broderbund Europe UK/USA. Reference and Education: Language Connect, University Spanish 1 Syacuse Language Systems (USA).

Art, Culture and Society Titles: L'Art du Moyen Age, Carre Multimedia/Reunion des Musees Nationaux ditions Gallimard/Club d'Investissement Media (France). Lifestyle and Hobbies: Moving Puzzle/Fun Sports, Ravensburger Interactive Media (Germany).