All the News of the World Chinese comment on the recently banned Falun Gong religious sect
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THE MAINLAND has outlawed the Falun Gong sect and launched a massive propaganda offensive on national television. But under the one-country, two-systems principle, the Falun Gong is still a legal society in Hong Kong. However, the sect is not popular in Hong Kong as people here are well-educated. Besides, the sect does not come near the standards of truthfulness, forbearance and compassion that it claims it is promoting. The Falun Gong sect should, nevertheless, enjoy religious freedom in Hong Kong. As responsible media, we should criticise the Falun Gong objectively and justly. This is the true meaning of the one-country, two-system principle.

Tin Tin Daily

FALUN GONG is a mixture of beliefs including Buddhism, Christianity and Taoism. But, in practice, these belief systems are mutually exclusive. Although some of the preaching about life and relationships is similar to Buddhism and Christianity, Li's dubious talk is harmful to young minds and those blindly craving a belief system. For those who want to join a religion, I strongly advise them to think thoroughly about that religion. It is rather dangerous to base your whole life on a flawed belief system. As for Peking's government, I urge it to allow normal religions to blossom on the mainland, so that people's desire to join a religion can be fulfilled. (Simon Chan) Hong Kong Standard

THE MAJORITY of Falun Gong practitioners who have broken away from the illegal organisation should be united and educated. Policies must be strictly observed as the nationwide fight against Falun Gong goes on. Every Chinese shoulders the responsibility to help the practitioners realise the political nature and the serious harm of Li Hongzhi and the Falun Dafa he concocted, and help them to uphold materialism against idealism, and adhere to atheism as opposed to theism. Proper handling of the Falun Gong issue will help eliminate hidden dangers, maintain stability, and push ahead the reforms.

People's Daily