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He has humiliated his wife, embarrassed his daughter, demeaned himself and debased his office. Continuing the fight to stay on will only exacerbate this damage. He should resign.

The Australian

THE SALIENT points are that Mr Clinton had a sexual relationship with a 21-year-old intern and lied about it under oath. At best, Congress may censure him; at worst, it may impeach him. In the meantime, the presidency will be reduced to a semen-stained shell and the government of the sole remaining superpower will be paralysed even as the world faces its worst economic crisis since the 1930s.

Straits Times, Singapore

THIS AFFAI shows the vibrancy of the US system, be it constitutional, legal or moral. After all, Mr Clinton did not invent sexual peccadiloes. From Washington and Jefferson to John Kennedy, not all the residents of the White House have exactly been exemplars of sexual rectitude.

Hindustan Times, India

AT A time when the world community is plagued by financial and economic crisis, the lack of American leadership is a cause of concern. The flip side of the quandary is that Clinton's battered leadership does not seem to contain the vitality and effectiveness needed to lead not only his own nation, but also the global community that looks to him for precious leadership.

Korea Times

WITH SCORES of millions of people starving all around the globe, or fleeing as refugees from war, flood, pestilence, and privation, the world heading into global recession that savages and demeans lives, who the hell cares whether a serial lecher named Bill cavorted at the White House with a suddenly love-struck "sick" girl named Monica?

Philippine Star

WHAT IS needed now is action,

and the only honourable action still open to the president is to hand over the keys to the Oval Office - the inner sanctum of American executive power, which he has sullied in so many ways.

South China Morning Post