Monitor: All the News of the World International comment on the celebration of Nato's 50th anniversary

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THE ALLIANCE concluded what should have been a triumphal anniversary celebration by declaring that it was united on the subject of a blockade, when it was clearly nothing of the sort. Nato announced it would be prepared to take action in support of democracy outside its own region. It would be a disaster if its search for a post-Cold War role became a return to conflict with its former Cold War enemy.

The Age, Australia

NATO IS a step away from having to plan its own wake. Yugoslavia is winning the war in Kosovo thanks to Nato's incompetence and irresolution. If Nato cannot defeat Yugoslavia - and if Slobodan Milosevic does not lose, he wins - why have the alliance at all? Nato has done much good, and was an essential ingredient in the defeat of communism, but nostalgia is no reason to keep decrepitude alive.

Boston Herald, US

THE EVOLUTION of the alliance's strategy reflects the change of United States security strategy. Nato, which used to be Washington's main tool to confront the Soviet Union during the Cold War era, was chosen as a new weapon by the United States to dominate Europe and even the world. The United States, the only superpower, vowed to lead the world in the next century, attempting to impose American values and the American political system on others. The analysts also believe that the United States' strategy to build a mono-polar world order goes against the historical trend of the world's multi-polarization and is certain to fail.

China Daily

NATO MUST find a way to end the war in Yugoslavia successfully. Europe is ending the century much as it began, with a war sparked in the Balkans. Already, much of Kosovo has been ethnically cleansed, and there are real fears that the war could spread even further. As the Nato leaders convened for their three-day party, we hope they kept the champagne corked and avoided self-congratulation. As they dither, their new mission is already being defined in blood in the Balkans.

The Corning Leader, US