Monitor: All the News of the World: Opinion on the bombing in Northern Ireland

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"UNIONISM TOO is on trial. It will be easy for the Paisley-ite tendency to crow that its suspicions are validated. Wrong. Drumcree and the three child deaths were witness to no less anti-democratic and evil sentiments. Unionist leaders need to rise above the cry for revenge and insist that there can be no going back. It was always likely that there would be some outrage such as Omagh on the road to peace; Irish history is too bloody to imagine otherwise. Now the test has come, and every politician involved must rise to the gravity of the moment. The alternative, as we saw yesterday, is hell."

The Observer

"THE SO-CALLED Real IRA, which lives in an unreal world that no sane person would want to share, must be crushed. If emergency laws are needed, let them be introduced. If internment is judged necessary, let the suspects be rounded up without delay. Ken Maginnis, the Ulster Unionist Security spokesman, says he knows "who these people are." If so, why are they still at large?"

The Sunday Times

"THE LEADERSHIP of this organisation is so isolated, so consumed with hatred and venom that even the outcome of this bomb may not bring them to their senses. There have been many damaged people as a result of the Troubles, alas, these bombers and those who asked them to carry it out are undoubtedly the most damaged of them all. It is no coincidence that the blast occurred in the constituency of Martin Mc Guiness the Sinn Fein MP: or that other recent blasts by the extremists have been in the constituency of David Trimble."

Ireland on Sunday

"NO DOUBT the sickening propaganda exercise will begin to roll. Allegations will be made of confusion. It will be a short move from that to making the police responsible for mishearing the message or wilfully misinterpreting it. We have heard these distorted melodies before. Those who place bombs, even if the target is property, run the risk of taking lives. There was no military target."

Sunday Independent