Monitor: All the News of the World: Reaction as the war in Kosovo shows no sign of abating

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"CAN WE hope for a `reasonable' solution? The irreconcilable demands of both sides - independence for one, Serbian control for the other - certainly don't inspire confidence. The attempts at mediation voiced by the West suffer from a severe lack of credibility. We must clearly announce to both camps exactly what they can expect if talks fail. And fast - before repeated conflict closes the window of opportunity which, perhaps, is still open."

Liberation, France.

"MONTHS HAVE passed since Madeleine Albright warned that the US would not tolerate ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. Now thousands of Kosovo civilians are living like hunted animals. The US is standing by and watching. There is little confusion about this `humanitarian catastrophe' in the making. Yet the West responds as it did as war crimes took place in Bosnia - threatening, wringing hands and urging restraint. The time is long past for feigning surprise at Milosevic's long-established villainy. If Clinton and the West are not prepared to act, they should at least have the decency to retreat into shamed silence."

The Washington Post

"THE WESTERN nations' talk of Nato intervention to stop the killing and expulsion of the Kosovo Muslims by the rampaging Serbian security forces appear to have been no more than a huge exercise in deception. Nato appears undecided about punitive action against Serbia which it seemed fully poised for a few months ago. The Bosnia experience conclusively established that Milosevic is not the one to respond to exhortations or veiled threats. Nothing but a show of force would put a stop to his persecution of the Kosovo Muslims. The lessons learnt during the Bosnia war some years ago should not be forgotten so soon."

Dawn, Pakistan

"NATO HAS worked out a detailed plan for military intervention. If politicians approve, Nato could strike any time. The West must now act or remain quiet forever. There is no third possibility. Serb leader Milosevic does not want to negotiate - or will do so only if Kosovo fully supports his preconditions for talks. If the West really wants to ensure human rights for the Albanians, Milosevic must be forced to enter negotiations as was the case in Bosnia."

Die Welt, Germany