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Assessment of cricket in the West Indies following their thrashing by Australia
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The Australian

WEST INDIES cricket is bankrupt of ability and inspiration. It is not merely inept, it is as uneducated as it is uncharacteristic, and as unedifying as it is unacceptable.


THE Jamaica Gleaner

BRIAN LARA is being taught one of life's harshest lessons. That lesson is the extent to which the things we covet the most can turn around to mock us. From all appearances, there is nothing that Lara wanted more than the captaincy of the West Indies. In the process he did all that he could, and some not-so-nice things, to become captain. Now that he is, he has not led the West Indies to its greatest glory, but rather into the worst ever nightmare of our cricket history.

The only way Lara is going to silence his critics is with the bat. That is the instrument of his genius. He must now make it the source of his own redemption, and that of West Indies cricket. (Errol Miller)


The Sydney Morning



THE WEST Indies' performance was so harrowing as to leave the impartial viewer with a sense of disbelief. Their hope for an immediate recovery is out of their hands.




I AGREE with Carl Hooper a West Indian allrounder: abandon the West Indies team until these matters are put right. He is absolutely correct not to want to suffer humiliation and embarrassment by playing with mediocre players. (Odai Ramischand)